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Celebrity Fashion Designer

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We Love Fashion

Fashion is not just about trends, it’s about expressing yourself through your clothes and making a statement.


We custom make every order all our products are made to order we deliver in 12-14 days.


Custom made Dresses, Stitching, Bespoke Design and Tailoring.


Our team is available from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM for your queries.

About Us

Sonali Jain is a fashionista, Haute couture specialist, celebrity stylist, and meticulous person with a sharp eye for crafting glamorous artistic designs.

Born & brought up in Jaipur, getting influenced by sumptuous Indian vibrant & colourful fabrics & Jewellery, the same gets reflected in her beauteous creations. “Sonali” As the name means beautiful colour- the label speaks about itself.

Label endeavour to glorify ladies with attires that looks crème de la creme, which make them feel like a queen inside-outside and for the gentleman to look peerless and compliments his women.

BTFW 2022


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